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7 good reasons to get a lawyer if you are going to court

Many new clients ask: Do I really need to get a lawyer to come with me to Court?

You can certainly represent your self and and probably should do so to save the money if the stakes are not high eg: dispute over a parking ticket or a small consumer claim.  But when more important issues are at stake such as large sums of money, custody of your children or disputes over real estate, it is recommended that you do not go it alone in court.

Get good advice early on and try to avoid seeing a lawyer only a day or two before the court hearing.  A lot of the victory is often in the preparation prior to the hearing.

7 Reasons to engage the services of a lawyer for  court proceedings

  1. A good lawyer will be able to advise you on the possibility of settling the matter outside the court system, in part or whole and can negotiate with the other party on your behalf.
  2. The law is complex. Matters which are simple on the surface often have many underlying legal aspects to them which need a lot of consideration. A good lawyer will know the legal elements of the matter and be able to determine the best way forward.
  3. A good lawyer will know the technical aspects which will assist in directing the matter toward obtaining your preferred outcome.
  4. A good lawyer will know how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and that of the other party, which can assist you in finalising each stage of a matter without unnecessary work or cost.
  5. A good lawyer knows the rules of evidence and procedure. Many people who represent themselves are prevented from obtaining their preferred outcome as they do not conform with the rules.
  6. Persuasive submissions are developed over time often years. Practice makes perfect.
  7. The cost you save preparing the case yourself is most often offset by the time invested, personal stress incurred and failure to obtain your preferred outcome. A good lawyer is accustomed to preparing matters skilfully, with minimal disruption to your life and advancing your preferred outcome.

Get advice on going to Court

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