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Rigoli Lawyers is a specialist Family Law firm based in Melbourne’s CBD that serves all surrounding suburbs, including Hawthorn with more than 30 years experience in a range of legal matters.

We genuinely care about our clients and strive to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to help you navigate any family law issues you may be facing, including but not limited to:

Divorce proceedings & divorce property settlements
Complex family law matters
Intervention orders
Binding financial agreements
Consent orders & parenting plans
• Declarations of a de facto relationship’s existence
• Same-sex and marital relationships

Rigoli Lawyers Family Law Services Hawthorn

Family Law Solicitors & Hawthorn Legal Services You Can Trust


We Can Help You With The Following:

  • Help you if child support agreements are not being followed, we will assist you in seeking enforcement
  • Help to create child support agreements (or adult child maintenance agreements if the child is over the age of eighteen and still require assistance) as well as assisting with any negotiations
  • Submit applications to child support agencies on your behalf
  • Draft any other relevant legal agreements/documents on your behalf

Our Range Of Family Law Services


At Rigoli Lawyers we have a wealth of experience over 30 years in a wide variety of family law matters including the following which we can help you through with a professional and compassionate approach.

Applying For A Divorce




The primary grounds for divorce require that you have been separated for at least 12 months. There are times when one spouse is unable to leave the family home, which is referred to as “separation under the same roof“.


You must provide proof of such an arrangement in the form of corroboration from a family member or friend. An important tip for married couples is to ensure that you can present your marriage certificate as proof of marriage, which is also required in addition to proof of separation.


Domestic & Family Violence



Family and domestic violence can come in many different forms such as physical abuse, verbal abuse and other types of coercion such as financial control designed to intimidate and cause suffering.

Rigoli Lawyers can help you with immediate legal measures and protect you and your family.

Applying for an Intervention order


An intervention order will help to protect you as the courts will issue an order legally prohibiting any contact from the other party to you or your family where there is risk of harm from the other party.


Applying for a restraining order


A restraining order is very similar however sets out more specific restrictions and once set out by the courts can make it illegal for someone to come within a radius of your home or place of work. If breached both restraining and intervention orders can result in criminal prosecution by Police.


Property Settlements



After a divorce case is started one question many may ask is – which assets are they are entitled to and how should assets be split?

Some assets may include:

  • Property such as land or your home;
  • Vehicles;
  • Bank accounts (individual, joint accounts or children accounts);
  • Collectable possessions such as artwork, memorabilia and anything else of value;
  • And Intellectual property or the good will value of a business


We can help organise independent valuations with real estate agents and other experts to determine a property’s market value to help you split your assets accordingly and get what your entitled to.


Child Custody & Arrangements





When it comes to children being involved in a Divorce the general assumption is that decision-making in these areas will be shared by both parents in order to preserve the best interests of the child or children. There are times however where this is just not feasible or there are safety concerns such as domestic violence/abusive partners.


In these cases, if the parents cannot agree the Court will ultimately decide the outcome, which could include granting all responsibility to one of the parties or establishing “shared parental responsibility” arrangements for both parties.


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