Do you need business documents?  Don’t risk ordering them on line- there is no substitute for tailored legal advice and drafting.


It is thought by many that there is safety and economy in buying certain documents “off the shelf” or (heaven forbid!) off the internet. Often, nothing could be further from the truth. Too often, such documents are not even properly scrutinised and the transaction is false economy. A good example is: drafting of protective appointor and succession clauses in trusts, choice of trust and proper minutes.


Similarly partnership and shareholder deeds don’t work on a “one size fits all” basis. There is no substitute for documents carefully drafted and tailored to a client’s needs by an experienced lawyer, written in a way that the client understands. We have often had to rectify business documents that were hastily or cheaply prepared by non lawyers. It proves to be an expensive exercise, difficult and sometimes impossible once the damage has been done.

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We work with you directly or with your accountant or other professional as you direct. We can work by hourly rates or a fixed fee as negotiated.
We clarify objectives from the beginning and develop strategies d to achieve a just, quick and equitable resolution of our clients’ problems. Fees are negotiable and may be either fixed fees or by estimates. Rigoli Lawyers is able to achieve the outcomes our clients’ desire through a pragmatic approach to litigation. By narrowing the substantial issues in dispute and applying appropriate legal mechanisms, we aim to resolve matters early for our clients.
Conscious of costs, our commercial attitude to disputes ensures we always consider alternative methods to litigation such as informal approaches and early dialogue with other parties.


  • Day to day contract advice and preparation of documents -including joint ventures, partnerships, franchises, and leases
  • Start up documentation including employment contracts, invoicing, debt recovery, risk liability, legal structures, incorporation and business succession planning
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Contract disputes
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate insolvency
  • Corporations & corporate governance
  • Insurance and insurance disputes
  • Privacy & confidentiality
  • Transactional: deeds and agreements advice
  • Business: buy & sell.
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