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Our compensation claim lawyers in Melbourne are experienced in ensuring superannuation, TPD and death benefits are paid out according to your entitlements.

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Superannuation is the right of any employee.  Rigoli compensation lawyers can advise you about either your obligations to pay certain rates of superannuation, or, determining the rates of superannuation to be paid to you as an employee.


Laws relating to superannuation are ever changing and becoming more and more complex.  Consult with Rigoli Lawyers about your responsibilities as an employer to pay superannuation, or, your rights and options as an employee.

Issues that may arise are:


  • the matter of binding beneficiaries regarding deceased estates or in the event of death
  • ensuring that you have elected the proper avenues of insurance
  • tracking down old superannuation amounts that you consider are owing to you
  • as an employer, negotiating with the Australian Taxation Office regarding superannuation amounts or disputes.

TPD claims

Total and permanent disability claims are an important part of a superannuation policy.  Rigoli compensation lawyers can help you check  you are insured in the event of a total and permanent disability, and in what types of situations.


If you suffer a total and permanent disability, it is important to get your application right the first time you contact your superannuation fund. As compensation or benefits are determined on information you provide the initial decision maker to determine your eligibility at this stage.  Make sure that you get it right the first time.


Laws made by our Federal Parliament and the Courts regarding what is determined to be a ‘total and permanent disability’ are becoming increasingly complex.  Make sure you consult a Melbourne compensation lawyer who is up to date and understands these developments to make sure that the right evidence is put before the superannuation fund in making its decision, or, upon review by the fund or the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.


If you are unsuccessful at these stages, we can assist you with any Court application to obtain what is often a significant amount of compensation or pension amount payable to you by your superannuation fund.

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Death Benefit

In the unfortunate event of the passing of a loved one, or someone that you were dependent upon for (or had the reasonable expectation of) financial assistance prior to their passing, you may be entitled to apply for a death benefit from that person’s superannuation fund/s.


This benefit can often be a significant amount and can help you defray the costs experienced by you and your family in the event of the passing of a deceased person and provide for your circumstances into the future.


Proving financial dependency, or the expectation of financial dependency, can be a complex process and you would want to get it right the first time.  The evidence that you give at the application stage can be crucial in determining the success of your claim. If you have to defend a claim, we are experienced in defending or advancing claims of dependency and identifying a number of areas of evidence in proof of these types of applications.