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Very few clients come into our office before they have made the decision to separate from their husband, wife or partner. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to wait many months following a separation to see a family lawyer.


Making the decision to separate is more often than not an emotional time, that can bring some financial stress along with it too. By being proactive and discussing the first steps in a separation from your husband or wife with an experienced family lawyer, you can experience the benefit of being given invaluable advice early on.

Winning custody as a father

The first steps to separate from your husband, wife or partner.

If you’re in a relationship that is on the verge of breaking down or you have made the decision that separation might be the best course of action for you, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and what the first steps to separate are.


The way that you handle in the lead up to or in the immediate period after a separation, can be an important factor in getting the best result for yourself and your children if you have them. If you’re in the position to remain amicable with your ex-partner this can help to avoid costly and lengthy court proceedings.


By meeting early on with a family lawyer before you separate, you can receive advice on what to do and not do before you separate. As well as enhancing the possibility of resolving your separation quickly and cost effectively.

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What you’ll need to consider when first deciding to separate:

  • Collating or taking copies of all important documents such as marriage certificates and birth certificates
  • Consider where you will live, will you or your ex-partner move out
  • Have a rough idea in mind of where you would like children to live
  • Verbalise to your spouse that you are looking to separate
  • Keep a diary on notes on key dates for your separation
  • Create a list of any assets or any loans that you and your partner have, both separately and jointly

Preparing for your separation

Finding a lawyer that you feel comfortable speaking with prior to or just after separation is best. This allows you to obtain legal advice that can ensure you approach the separation with the best chance of being able to separate amicably.


By speaking early on to an experienced family lawyer they can help to have a good understanding of your unique circumstances and make you aware of your obligations and rights.

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My name is Maria Rigoli and I have been a Family lawyer for over 25 years.


If you are going through a separation (or about to) then I am pleased to help you by giving you a copy of  “5 Ways to Save Money, Stress & Worry When Separating”.   This guide has important information if you need to do a financial or property settlement.


The information it contains will not only save you money but it will also give you guidance and take away the stress and worry at what is usually an emotionally and financially stressful time.


This  valuable Guide is packed with things you need to know such as:


  • Why staying in the house and insisting your spouse move out may not help your entitlement and when it might strategically disadvantage you;
  • What financial information must be disclosed by your spouse (so you know what to expect) as well as what can’t be hidden;
  • When is the right time to attend mediation, go to court or start legally assisted negotiation;


… and much more.


So if you would like a step-by-step guide on separating that saves you money, stress and time, just pop your name and email in the space BELOW and I will email a copy to you immediately.

The property and financial disputes and the divorce guides below are further useful information depending on where you at in your journey to separate – please feel free to download as well.


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