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We know that engaging a family lawyer can be a daunting experience, often with a range of emotions attached. Whether you are going through separation or divorce, have found yourself caught up in child custody dispute or need advice from our friendly family lawyers,  we are here to help.

That’s why as a Melbourne based family law firm we pride ourselves on creating a stress-free solution to your legal matters.

Our family lawyers are based around the Melbourne CBD, but we also work with clients Australia wide.  With almost 30 years of experience and holding specialist accreditation, Maria Rigoli is leading from the front with a team of strong negotiators who offer a problem solved guarantee for all services.


Maria Rigoli | Winner 2016 Law Institute of Victoria Awards

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  • We Guarantee to contact you the same day you contacted us about your legal enquiry.
  • We Guarantee a thorough, detailed legal analysis of your problem.
  • We Guarantee to use plain, easy to understand language when we give you advice so you can make a fully informed decision.
  • We Guarantee we will give you a realistic estimate of the full costs for your legal matter.
  • We Guarantee all work is supervised by a qualified and experienced solicitor or appropriate conveyancing clerk.
  • We Guarantee you will always receive regular updates and progress reports.
  • We Guarantee to be on time every time (otherwise you will be given fair notice of any appointment changes).
  • We Guarantee to always be proactive by giving you the suggested responses and strategies when we ask for your instructions. We will filter and strategise responses for you so you are empowered and confident.
  • We Guarantee all correspondence will be done in an efficient, time effective manner and not overdrawn.
  • We Guarantee you will always be able to have access to the solicitor handling your issue.
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30 min or 60 min first consultation with a lawyer or specialist

You will receive verbal advice, an idea of costings and find out if there is any merit in proceeding.

Contact us to book your appointment at one of our convienient Melbourne offices.



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In the case of Blatch (No 5) [2022] FedCFamC1F 651 (31 August 2022) the court made orders gradually increasing the father’s time with the children to equal time but also ordered him to get up to date with his child support. Background The parties commenced living......

Proceedings are commenced by filing an Initiating Application. The necessary pre-action procedures, full and frank disclosure, must have already been completed. Initiating application File the following documents with an Initiating Application in financial proceedings: 1. a Genuine Steps Certificate that certifies the applicant has complied......

Reversal of Custody Where Father Wrongly Accused of Sexual Abuse – A Case Study Let’s take a look at a recent case where a father was wrongly accused of sexual abuse from the mother, and what the ultimate outcome came to be. Father accused of......

Gender Dysphoria and the Family Court – a case study    Background of the Imogen case Recently, the Family Court had to make a ruling on the topic of “Gender Dysphoria” in regards to a child called Imogen (previously known as Thomas), aged 16 and......

When one parent wants to vaccinate – a case study Being separated and co-parenting brings challenges, in particular when one parent wants to vaccinate their child and the other doesn’t. When it comes to making decisions about the health and well-being of children, you want......

What happens to your online accounts when you die? As our online presence becomes increasingly prevalent it is still uncommon for people to consider what happens to their online accounts after they die. Losing a loved one is always a hard time, but this can......

30 min or 60 min first consultation with a lawyer or specialist

As of 31 March 2023, Rigoli Lawyers was acquired by Michael Benjamin & Associates and many staff and clients joined the team at Michael Benjamin & Associates. Rigoli Lawyers is now incorporated within Michael Benjamin & Associates.