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In an ideal world, all relationships would end amicably and respectfully. Unfortunately, this isn’t always reality, and relationships can end on bad terms. Which in the worst-case scenario, can create dangerous circumstances for individuals and families.


Our intervention order lawyers for Melbourne residents can assist you in obtaining or defending an intervention order when needed.

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What is an intervention order?

Formerly known as a restraining order, intervention orders are binding court orders that protect one party by placing behavioural limitations on the other. Intervention orders are commonly needed when the safety of an individual or family is threatened by another individual. Often intervention orders are issued by one parent against another parent to protect themselves and their children from the risk of family violence.


If you have been served with an intervention order, we recommend that you seek immediate legal advice to fully understand what the order requires from you. An intervention order lawyer can also assist you in changing and contesting the order.

Why you may need to issue an intervention order against your partner:

  • You are experiencing economic and financial abuse.
  • You are experiencing physical or sexual abuse.
  • Your partner has psychologically threatened you.
  • Your partner has damaged your property.
  • You partner is exhibiting coercive and threatening behaviours.

Assistance with intervention orders

Our experienced lawyers are able to assist you with either issuing an intervention order or defending against one. 


If you have had an intervention order issued against you that includes your children, you won’t be able to contact them while the order is in place. To assist you in being able to see your children again, we can prepare a Consent Order that will allow you to circumvent the intervention order, or prepare a written agreement that would allow you to once again have contact with your children. 


Contact our intervention order lawyers in Melbourne if you have any concerns or questions regarding intervention orders.


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