Every case is unique. While many have straightforward processes there are some complicated scenarios that require family law specialists in Melbourne. These are referred to as complex family law cases and go beyond standard disputes.


Some of the factors that come into play in a complex family law matter include the size of the property pool, shared assets, company structures, self-managed super and any family trusts that may be present, and if the other party has been hiding assets.

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Complex Family Law Property Settlements

A property settlement allows you to divide your shared assets and move forward with assets that are entirely your own.


This may become complex when a couple has a large property asset pool which can consist of anything from one valuable property to multiple properties across multiple locations /countries or different classes of assets and shareholding interests.


Even more complicating can be the aspect of lack of disclosure or deliberate hiding of assets.


Contact our Melbourne based family law specialists to get help with your property settlements or other complicated family law situations.

Family Trusts

Are you concerned with how your divorce or separation could impact any family trusts you have implemented as a couple?


You may wonder whether your family trusts will remain protected or if the assets within them will be divided with your other assets.


The experienced team at Rigoli Lawyers can walk you through what will happen to your family trust in case of a divorce or separation.

complex family lawyer family trust
superannuation split complex family law melbourne

Self-managed Super Split


Our accredited family law specialists in Melbourne can help you split your super. Many couples have a shared, self-managed super fund which needs to be appropriately divided after a separation.


This can be a complex process, which is why specialist expertise is necessary and valuable in these situations, including potentially engaging a super valuer or actuary.


Family violence

When it comes to family violence, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each case is unique and requires its own specialised legal knowledge. In Australia, family violence is unfortunately all too common. One in six women and one in sixteen men have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner, and one in four children have witnessed violence against their mother or father.


Our domestic violence specialists can assist you in navigating the process of obtaining intervention orders, financial agreements and orders from the family court. They can provide expert advice on what to do and how to protect your family.

Child Support and Parenting

When it comes to divorce and separation, one of the most complex and challenging cases to tackle is that of child support. In many cases, both parents fight for custody of the children, and child support can certainly become a heated issue.


However, with the help of our firm you can ensure that your child support case is handled fairly and efficiently. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the child receives the financial support they need from both parents.


We will work with you to establish a suitable child support arrangement with the best interests of the children.

Other complex family law areas that we specialise in include:

  • Family Law Company Structures
  • Family Law Business Partnerships
  • Family Law Loans to Parents


All of these situations require individualised care and consideration. If you believe your divorce or separation is a complex family law matter, contact us and schedule a complimentary half hour meeting with a senior family lawyer/specialist in Melbourne. We will assess your situation in a consultation, advising you on how to best move forward.

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