1. We want our clients to feel comfortable with the solicitor they need advice from, not awkward or intimidated or overwhelmed.
  2. We want to lift up clients out of their trapped circumstances and show them there is a way out.
  3. We want to help disadvantaged people get an advantage to achieve a just outcome.
  4. Our desire is to encourage civil, polite and dignified behaviour in all negotiations and outcomes.  Having said that, if the other side does not “play ball” we are more than equipped and prepared to take the matter to court or employ other legal strategies to get you the result you need.
  5. We are tenacious and don’t give up easily.
  6. We highly value justice and getting a fair outcome.  We do not believe in dragging things out for no good reason or going to court if a sensible settlement out of court can be achieved instead.
  7. We have a special passion to help abused people become restored in their legal right and regain their dignity.
  8. We fill the gap in the legal industry where experience meets modern delivery with utmost skill care and attention always putting the client first.
  9. We are a specialist law firm accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria.
  10. Our principal lawyer and founder has over 28 years of legal experience and works closely with all our lawyers and paralegals on client cases.
  11. This is what we enjoy doing: leading in the industry by efficient delivery of ethical and practical advice and guidance, and where required employing sharp and swift action.

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