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Whether you’re getting married, are married, in a de facto relationship, or are getting divorced, Binding Financial Agreements can protect you and your partner on your terms. Though for many people it seems like bad luck to prepare for a split before you have even tied the knot, a Binding Financial Agreement will ensure that both parties get the best outcome if they do decide to end their relationship and split their assets.


Our Binding Financial Agreement Lawyers in Melbourne can assist you with any financial agreement you require.

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What is a binding financial agreement?

Sometimes referred to as a Prenuptial Agreement, a Binding Financial Agreement is a legal document that outlines how to divide you and your partner’s assets in the instance of a separation or divorce. 


While these agreements can be made before entering a marriage or de facto relationship, they can also be made during your relationship due to any change in circumstances, or during a separation or divorce.


Setting up a Binding Financial Agreement means that, if you do split from your partner, you won’t have to appear in court. Court settlements in divorce cases rarely conform to the individual circumstances of each couple and can leave one or both parties unhappy with the outcome. By making your own arrangements you can ensure that you both get an agreeable settlement.

Benefits of having a Binding Financial Agreement:

  • It takes away any uncertainty.
  • Can save on the overall cost of your divorce or separation.
  • Minimises stress and confrontation during an already stressful time.
  • Minimises the possibility of delays.

Can I write a Binding Financial Agreement myself?

Writing up an agreement with your partner and signing it does not make it binding. To ensure that your Financial Agreement is binding, you can have it drawn up and witnessed by one of our Binding Financial Agreement Lawyers in Melbourne.


Our experienced lawyers will be able to advise you on whether a Binding Financial Agreement is right for you and your circumstances. We will also be able to guide you through the process of negotiating what assets you would walk away from the relationship with, and set up a legal document for you.


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