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As much as we would all like to live “Happily Ever After”… sometimes, life doesn’t work out that way. The breakdown of a relationship can be an emotional and stressful time… which is why you need to know your legal rights, obligations and entitlements.

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You have probably heard all the horror stories about “Hollywood style” divorces… people losing everything, losing custody of their children etc. This is because stories like this sell magazines and entertain people.


Your experience can be a very different one… when you have the right legal team. In fact, your divorce can be dealt with in a friendly, harmonious way, without any need to go to the Family Law Court (depending on the circumstances).


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We work for the average wage earning individuals as well as  high net worth individuals with net assets  $10 million plus.

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Any registered lawyer is permitted to handle your family law matter. However, a small number of lawyers have devoted extra time to understand all aspects of family law in order to get you the best outcome at minimal cost.


Just as a Cardiac Specialist can give better life saving treatment for a heart condition than your GP can offer, an Accredited Family Law Specialist has gained more knowledge and experience in family law matters and is most likely to get you a better outcome compared to a general family lawyer.


Because of the extra experience and study required (which includes passing a comprehensive examination process developed by legal professional experts), the Victorian Institute of Law recognises these people as experts and credits them as “Accredited Family Law Specialists”. Only Accredited Family Law Specialists are permitted to use the logo below to identify them as a member of a small select group.

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