It is hard enough to deal with the grief associated with losing a loved one… without having to deal with the will they left behind (or no will at all). When you want to challenge a will, you need to act quickly to ensure your entitlements are fully protected.


Have you been left out of the will?

Even though people have the right to choose who inherits their estate and the law recognises this… sometimes, there are good reasons for contesting a will.


No matter what your dispute with the will is, Rigoli Lawyers can assist you if you have been left out of a will, or not been treated fairly.

See our blog page for why you should make or revise your will now.


Even when you think you are unable to afford legal representation… we are able to assist you. Your legal fees can usually be paid from the estate once a claim is resolved and payout is made.


We know a lot of people want to challenge the unfairness of a will, however they feel helpless due to lack of funds. This is why we will sit down with you and work out the best solution for your individual circumstances.


To see if it is worth your while to dispute a will…call (03) 8742 3199 and book in for your ½ hour “Fix Your Problem” Consultation with one of our Lawyers. We’ll have a look at your current situation and outline the best solution, so you know what is the best way for you to move forward. If paying fees is a problem we can also discuss deferred payment options with you.


Cases where payment of legal fees are deferred* and not paid until the end of the case will be considered.  The Prinicipal will review all applications for deferred payment requests.

*Eligibility criteria applies prior to approval

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Any registered lawyer is permitted to handle your family law matter. However, a small number of lawyers have devoted extra time to understand all aspects of family law in order to get you the best outcome at minimal cost.


Just as a Cardiac Specialist can give better life saving treatment for a heart condition than your GP can offer, an Accredited Family Law Specialist has gained more knowledge and experience in family law matters and is most likely to get you a better outcome compared to a general family lawyer.


Because of the extra experience and study required (which includes passing a comprehensive examination process developed by legal professional experts), the Victorian Institute of Law recognises these people as experts and credits them as “Accredited Family Law Specialists”. Only Accredited Family Law Specialists are permitted to use the logo below to identify them as a member of a small select group.

As of 31 March 2023, Rigoli Lawyers was acquired by Michael Benjamin & Associates and many staff and clients joined the team at Michael Benjamin & Associates. Rigoli Lawyers is now incorporated within Michael Benjamin & Associates.