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Need a specialist probate and estate lawyer? Left out of a will? Thinking of contesting or challenging a Will or involved in an estate dispute? If you have been left out of a Will or have been left an unfair amount of inheritance, Rigoli Lawyers may be able to help you to make a claim against the estate.

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It’s not uncommon for someone who believes they have a case to challenge a will to feel a little intimidated about the process. With one of our experienced Melbourne estate dispute lawyers on your team, we will be there to guide you through the process, to see you get the fairest outcome possible.


While this page covers off some of the reason you might be able to contest a will, it’s always a good idea to get a consultation so we can discuss if you have a strong case.

common problems with Wills & Estates distributions

Can you contest a Will?

Everyone has the right to make a Will setting out their wishes for the distribution of their assets. The law also sets out that there are particular people who everyone has a moral obligation to provide for in their Will.   If a loved one has made a Will that does not fulfil that moral obligation, there is a chance that you can contest the estate for a greater share.


Challenging a Will can be a complex and complicated process, especially at a difficult emotional time. That’s why our experienced Estate Dispute Lawyers use their experience and expertise to help you through the process.


We also assist executors who are placed in the position of having to defend a Part IV claim contesting an estate. We can guide executors through the process to ensure the estate stays as intact as possible for distribution and defend any frivolous claims.

Who can make a claim?

Part IV of the Administration & Probate Act 1958 (Vic) only allows certain people to challenge a Will for a greater share of an estate than they would otherwise receive. Before you lodge a claim be sure to speak to one of our experienced Estate Lawyers regarding your eligibility to make a claim.


There is a time limit to make Part IV claims challenging the estate which needs to be made in the Supreme Court within 6 months of the date of the Grant of Probate. In some circumstances an extension can be sought and granted.  It is important to speak to one of our Estate Lawyers as soon as possible if you have an inheritance dispute, to ensure that your claim can be submitted on time.

If you would like to know more about estate disputes take advantage of our half hour legal consultations. They can be done in person or via Skype or telephone conference. 


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The importance of having an up to date will
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